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…live while I’m alive

Posted by pbaffour on May 6, 2009

084 I recently made the wonderful 14 hour drive from NYC to ATL (driving the girlfriend to her internship with the C.D.C.). If you haven’t already done it, I’d urge you to. And if you already have, well… hell, do it again! This was a fun road trip. I was kinda lazy and out of it so i didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked to, but I did take a few (sample on left). Unfortunatly flickr is being an e-jackass and has limited my photos to 200 viewable ones (and I’m too cheap to pay $30 a year to have unlimited space). Don’t worry though, I’ll delete some stuff here and there and let you know when I post the pics… all 7 of them lol. Anyway, I  believe I’m going to make this drive again sometime within the next three months so I’ll be sure to take a whole lot more pictures then.

The point of this post is just to emphasize the brevity of life, and to encourage you to take advantage of  the little time you have on this green (really, multi-coloured, but…) earth, to do the things you like to do. For me it’s driving, taking photos, meeting people, dancing, cooking, frying plantains, eating waffles… the list is pretty long, but I try to do as much of each as I can. This is not to say that you shouldn’t spend your time making the world a better place in whatever way you deem fit; the two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Remember, you only have one life to live. The following song helps me get my ass out of bed and onto the couch, (and in front of my video games!) whenever I feel unproductive; maybe it can do the same for you:


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